About Kimmons Hand Tools

Handmade in the USA: Almost a thing of the past. Not for me. With a background in metallurgy, design and fabrication, and fine woodworking, I set out to raise the bar by creating a tool that is not just usable right out of the package, but ready to go for the highest-precision projects a professional woodworker may encounter.

Made start to finish by myself in my shop in northwest Ohio, our tools are steel heat-treated in small and highly controlled batches using my proprietary process. 

These chisels are designed to withstand professional use, but hard hammer blows are never recommended for fine woodworking tools. Precision pairing and light mallet use is recommended. Some people choose to keep them simply as conversation pieces or unique additions to a collection.

Grain appearance and shade will vary from tool to tool, and may not be the same as pictured. 

Current bench chisel available sizes are 1/8”-1” in 1/8” increments and 1”-2” in 1/4” increments.

These chisels come hair-shaving sharp. Handle with extreme caution and never allow children to handle these tools.